Independent Wealth Management

Jabre Capital Partners is an independent wealth management firm and multi-family office.

Established in 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Philippe Jabre, Chief Investment Officer & CEO.

Between 2006 and 2018, the firm managed a variety of funds across strategies including long convertible, convertible arbitrage, long-short equity, high yield fixed income and emerging markets. The funds earned numerous industry awards over the years and assets under management surpassed 6bn USD at their peak.

In 2018, Mr Jabre made the decision to return external capital in the funds as part of a restructuring of the firm, and to refocus on its historical wealth management activities.

Since June 2020, Jabre Capital Partners has relaunched its asset management activities focused on the firm’s core strategies.

Jabre Capital Partners is an active member of the Association Suisse des Gérants de Fortune (ASG).


Convertible bonds & Fixed Income

The Convertible bonds & Fixed Income strategy seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation primarily by providing investors with exposure to global fixed income and equity markets. The strategy aims to combine bottom up security selection with a macro asset allocation and focuses on active and discretionary portfolio management techniques with the aim of identifying and capturing valuation anomalies while keeping a high degree of portfolio diversification. While the strategy calls predominantly to take long positions, it retains the flexibility to occasionally take short positions in specific securities for hedging purposes or to capture opportunities offered by volatile markets.

Innovation & Sustainability Equity

The Innovation & Sustainability strategy leverages the firm’s deep knowledge of the global technology sector, to provide investors with exposure to this rapidly growing and evolving landscape. The strategy uses a sustainability lens to analyse the technology opportunities, only investing in companies that demonstrate the required responsibility from an Environmental, Social and Governance angle. The strategy primarily looks to invest in technological disruption that provides solutions to many sustainability issues that we face today. The strategy invests globally, with a focus on midcap equity in Europe and America. It is an equity long-bias strategy which uses market hedges to limit volatility while taking advantage of large long-term secular trends in the global economy.

Global opportunities

The Global opportunities strategy is opened to multiples asset classes and is focused on global developed market equities with a long bias. It combines a top down approach to portfolio construction, with fundamental analysis and a rigorous investment & risk management process aimed at identifying best-in-class investment ideas across multiple sectors.

Private Wealth Management

The Private Wealth Management division manages private mandates for investors across asset classes with a focus on global equity, fixed income products and convertible bonds.

Principal Investments

The Principal Investments division has been active since 2015. It is responsible for part of the Family Office of Mr Jabre where it seeks to invest in long-term secular trends in private markets and public markets.

The division invests directly in private equity, from seed stage equity valuations to an upper limit of 5bn USD equity valuations, as well as investing in global funds.

The focus of the division is on FinTech, Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics, Health & Wellness, Environment & Sustainability, Blockchain and E-Sports & Interactive Gaming.

Philippe Jabre

Philippe Jabre

Chief Investment Officer and CEO

Since 1983, Philippe Jabre, and the various funds managed by him, have received numerous asset management industry awards, across both traditional and alternative strategies.

Mr Jabre began his career in 1983 at BAII Asset Management where he developed expertise in equity-linked fixed income products. He became a Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Management in 1986 and transferred to the London-based business of BAII Asset Management.

In 1997, Mr Jabre joined GLG Partners as a Partner, to take over responsibility for asset allocation, and the management of global convertible bonds and equity-linked investments. He was a key portfolio manager during his time at GLG Partners, managing over 7bn USD in assets, including the GLG Market Neutral Fund and various long-only absolute return funds.

In 2006, Mr Jabre set up Jabre Capital Partners in Geneva, as a wealth and asset management company, servicing high-net-worth individuals, as well as managing six funds across various equity and fixed income strategies.

In 2001, Mr Jabre founded the Association Philippe Jabre (APJ), a not-for-profit organisation that helps underprivileged Lebanese families and young people gain access to education and healthcare.

Mr Jabre sits on the Board of the American University of Beirut and Columbia University Business School Board of Overseers.



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